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That is a perfect solution. Or you make your own cigarettes and save throughout the year, but want to save even more. So why not grow your own tobacco? This is an interesting plant for growing and saving your money.

Find a plantation or a person who grows tobacco plants from seeds. You yourself can grow them from seeds, but we will be frank, the seeds of tobacco are almost microscopic and difficult to successfully grow. You can buy several young tobacco plants on eBay or similar stores.

Place the young plants in a cup with some good soil and leave them in the sun for a week or two, watering daily / as needed until they adapt to the new environment.

Dig up the ground in your garden.

Plant the tobacco plants in rows located three feet apart (0.9 m). Place the plants in each row at least two feet (0.6 m) apart.

Pour water, if possible, use the minerals to grow and follow them as soon as they take root and start to grow. Maybe you need to fertilize, but reduce the amount of chemicals to a minimum.

Cut the flower when it grows on top of the plant. A flower is the place where the seeds are made. Staying on the plant, it will slow its growth. You must remove the flower.

After about four months, your plants should be ripe.

Some will wash the plants and hang them in the garage, where it was about 80F (27C) degrees. And lave them to hang about two months, until they became golden brown.

Choose what leaves you like, and pull them out of the plants. The upper leaves are supposedly the sweetest; the lower leaves will be stiffer.

Once you have selected and collected all the dried leaves, just pass them through the food processor. Leaves after processing will be in the form of flakes. Tobacco may or may not smell like tobacco, which you are used to buying in a store, but it is still tobacco and smokes great.

You can store tobacco in three-pound (1.35 kg) containers of coffee. You can get about half the container from one plant.

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